Menu for the Week of Tuesday June 6

Curry Chicken Salad  chicken or tofu  cashews  greens  grapes  celery  green onion  red cabbage 

Vegetable Marinara Pasta Dinner gluten free pasta  carrots  beets  lemon  chickpeas  mushrooms  onions garlic

South-Western Paella with Zucchini Poblano Sauce  brown or cauliflower rice   black beans  peppers  onions  garlic  spices  sweet potato

Superfood Salad with Carrot Chili Vinaigrette quinoa  radishes  peas  cucumbers  kale  almonds  chicken or tofu  tomatoes

Wild Leek Pesto Broth Bowl  vegetable broth  chicken or tofu  napa cabbage  carrots  brown rice  broccoli  garlic  onions 

Dessert:  Oatmeal Walnut Date Squares

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