Menu for Tuesday September 23

Chana Masala 
This Indian spiced chickpea and tomato stew is served with roasted coriander market cauliflower and brown rice
Market Nicoise Salad
Organic eggs, salad greens, beans, tomatoes, roasted potatoes and artichoke hearts with a lemon Dijon dressing
Indonesian Rice Dinner
Market cabbage, carrots, peppers and brown rice in a flavourful curried chili sauce. Chicken or Vegetarian option.
Kale Pesto Pasta
Kale and basil pesto with roasted broccoli and either a hearty spelt or a gluten-free quinoa pasta. Chicken or vegetarian option.
Buddha Bowl

This bright salad tastes as good as it looks. Edamame (Japonese green soy beans), market corn and snow peas, cucumber, black beans and quinoa in a lime sesame dressing.
Dessert: Chocolate Chickpea Brownies

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