Quality Local and Organic Meat

Some of you may remember a few of us around town used to sell Nutrafarms products. The company was based in Southern Ontario and would deliver their products to cities and towns as far "north" as the Sault and Wawa. I always new that there was a demand for good quality meat and poultry but unfortunately, Nutrafarms as a service was not sustainable. The good news is that there are local farmers and suppliers who offer all sorts of excellent meat, poultry and even diary for us to enjoy. The following list is basic for the moment; I will be adding more information and suppliers as the information arrives. Please call or e-mail if you would like to add anything to this list. Remember the only way to ensure a long-term supply is to support these farmers and spread the word to your friends and family. The Country Way and Garden of Eden health food stores also sell a selection of organic, quality animal products.

Penokean Hills Farms Inc.
Minimum Grade A, Government inspected beef, 100% free from growth hormones and antibiotics

Honeybrook Organic
Lamb, pork, cheese, vegetables, flowers
Sheree and Robert Magee
Honeybrook-Organic-Farms Information

Grand North Bison
Natural, free-range bison meat
6949 Hwy 17 East, Debarats

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