Quiet Please

I don't know about you but there are times when there is no better medicine than just being quiet. Early mornings are great for that or for me sitting in the tub for an hour is also a regenerating experience. However, wanting quiet and getting quiet are two different things. So, having been inspired by a CBC interview and a magazine article, I have taken on a minimalist challenge of sorts which is attempting to uncover quiet places in the Sault. Those are the spots where it's possible to sit, close your eyes and "unthink" yourself well. My first choice is Whitefish Island, which is more like an oasis than part of an urban environment. My second would be Belleview Park and the rest, well, I'll have to do a survey and see what I come up with. I don't think I'll include specific park benches or exact locations because I think quiet places are obviously quite personal and should stay that way.

This is the article I was inspired by called "Learn to Sit Still"

I'll keep you posted,

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