A Clutter-free Kitchen

The following is some thoughtful advice from an article in the New York Times about decluttering your kitchen and how it can lead to weight-loss. Although I believe that the road to good health and weight management are many fold and individual, this article does contain a few gems of insight, some of which I can attest to myself.

Having always loved to cook, I am now able to work out of my kitchen, making the food I love to eat for others and myself. This would not be possible if my cooking space were cluttered. I am not an organizing queen, however, I do know where everything is, how much I have and how long it's been there...including in the fridge. So I am not only able to feed myself and my partner well (we each have a well-organized kitchen) but others too. Now, imagine that scenario in your own life, no more good food going bad in the fridge or boxes of last years food fad in the cupboard etc. It's a task worth undertaking. Read on. By the way, my food coaching program does offer a kitchen declutter program. See what just 2 hours can do for you. Food and Fitness Coaching

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