Menu for the Week of Tuesday July 18

Vegan Mac and Cheese sweet potato  *carrots  peas  cashews  nutritional yeast  *zucchini pasta or gluten free pasta 

BBQ Lentil Salad Bowl  *lentils (*apple butter  sirachi  *ketchup  *maple syrup) *red cabbage  *garlic scapes  *grn peppers  *yellow beans  sweet potatoes *kale 

South-western Paella with Zucchini Poblano Sauce  *zucchini  poblano peppers  nutritional yeast  berebere spice  *cauliflower  chicken or tofu  brown rice 

Carrot Ginger Stir-fry  chicken or tofu  (apple juice  ginger  *garlic  arrowroot  *soy sauce  *sesame oil  *maple syrup  siracha  rice vinegar)  *broccoli  *carrots

Curry Chicken Salad with Grapes and Market Greens  chicken or tofu  *grapes  *snap peas  *greens  *cucumbers  cashews  *curry powder lime wedge

Dessert: Raw Key Lime Pie Squares 

*local and/or organic 

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