Menu for Tuesday July 11

Strawberry and Feta Salad arugula  chicken or tofu  spicy Mediterranean vinaigrette   cucumber  almonds  fresh peas  spnach 

Portobello Steak and Rice Dinner  portobello mushroom   corn  broccoli  chimichurri sauce  brown rice  chicken or tofu 

Vegan Baked Beans  great northern beans  garlic onion  jalapeno  molasses  chipotle chili  peppers  bok choy  brown rice

Spring Roll Salad with Peanut Sauce  chicken or tofu  glass noodles  cucumber   carrots  peanut sauce  greens 

Moroccan Tagine  spiced chickpeas  carrots  red cabbage  millet  lemon ginger sauce  kale 

Dessert: Brown Rice Crisp Treats

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