The Scoop on Rising Food Prices

There are parts of this world that are in turmoil because of food. The price of food is going up and many populations which rely on cheap staples such as rice, corn and wheat are feeling the sting of rising oil prices and the consequences that such upheavals bring.

It is happening here as well, however, I haven't heard anyone lamenting about it in the Sault. We may have been vaccinated when gas prices started sky-rocketing a couple of years ago; now we pay the price without a commotion. Maybe some of you are using the car a little less or not planning a holiday so far away. Food, on the other hand, is just now having it's comeuppance. If you are used to paying more for good quality food, such as local and organic produce and meat then you may not notice what is happening except for the items in the news.

The following article in the New York Times explains some of the implications along with social and economic issues which relate to rising food costs in our part of the world (I can't picture any food riots because Macdonald's is raising the price of a hamburger). It does bode well for us fans of local food though, for the simple reason that prices will not be doubling due to the price of oil; our farmer's food just doesn't have that far to travel. These are interesting times.

Just a reminder about the Algoma Food Network's site which is being updated regularly with loads of information on how you can enjoy and support our local agricultural network.

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