Bill C-517 - Mandatory Labeling of GM Foods

There's an important vote about to take place in the House of Commons regarding Bill C-517. This bill would make it law for companies to label all products which contain genetically modified foods.

We have a reasonable chance of winning this vote, but we must get the word out now.
Not only will mandatory labeling of GE foods provide you with the information you have a right to, it will also pave the way for a gradual withdrawal of GE foods from the food chain. This will also reduce the dissemination of GE seeds in the environment.

If it is adopted in its second reading, Bill C-517 will be studied by a parliamentary committee and then returned for a third reading in the House of Commons followed by a final vote by Canada's 301 MPs.

Our federal MP is Tony Martin. Follow the link below to cut and paste an e-mail to send Mr. Martin urging him to vote in favor of the bill.

Telephone: (705) 941-2900
Fax: (705) 941-2903

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