Getting Unstuck

Another snowstorm in the Sault and judging by the size of some of the snowbanks, it's starting to feel like the Alps, without the high gas prices ($5.57 USD per gallon in Germany!). I'm actually not about to tell you how to get your car out of the snowbank but rather how to encourage change in some chosen aspect of your life and/or health. I'll start small with a couple of ideas on how to get yourself moving and include a few more as the month goes on so as to encourage a more natural evolution.

1) Give yourself a shake, admit that you've fallen asleep at the wheel and found a cozy little rut to cruise in. "Issues" won't get better by themselves. Figure out where you are at and decide to take action.

2) Nothing new here; start small. The easiest way to stay stuck is by vowing to change your life...completely. You wouldn't believe how small a baby step can be. By acknowledging this, it will allow you to work on another and another after that. Nutritionally, you could push yourself to add an extra cup of vegetables and one extra fruit to your day...anyway that works for you, then modify your technique as you go on. (I'm a fan of soup for breakfast, with an egg and a piece of spelt toast (with butter!). It works for me but I wasn't doing it this way 6 months ago). On the fitness side; how about a 5 minute stretch or a 10 minute walk in the morning. These could lead to a more active lifestyle. Just in case you feel like making an excuse for not exercising read this first:

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