Leaping into Nutrition Month/Personal Fit Giveaway

Today the 29th of February is Leap Day and the day before the start of Nutrition month which can only be exciting for someone like me...a nutritionist. However, that doesn't have to stop me from celebrating; what I have decided to do is give one $40 meal plan away for each week in the month. Also, I will be adding a healthy tip of the day segment to the site that will hopefully expand your nutritional horizons; personally and within the community of Sault Ste. Marie.

To register for the meal plan give away, leave your name and contact information either by e-mail
saultpersonalfit@gmail.com or call 705-945-1538. You have until March 31/08 to enter. The winners will be contacted on the same day as the draw.

Good Luck,

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