Menu for the Week of Tuesday August 1

Taco Salad with Cashew Lime Dressing black beans  corn  sweet potato  greens  cucumber  tomatoes  lime wedge  garlic  onion  

Curry Ramen Miso Lentils *zucchini  *carrots  *lentils  coconut milk  miso  *maple syrup rice noodles ginger  *onion  *garlic  spices 

Buffalo Cauliflower Salad with Vegan Blue Cheese Sauce chicken or *tofu  chickpea flower  brown rice flower  *garlic  miso  *nutritional yeast  tomato paste  sirachi  pineapple juice  cashews  *tahini   miso  *parsley  

Balsamic Chicken Coleslaw  chicken or *tofu  *red cabbage *carrots   *kale   *quinoa   balsamic vinaigrette  

Local Harvest Bowl wild rice   chicken or *tofu  *market finds  *pesto vinaigrette  

Dessert: Pecan Pie Cookies with Salted Caramel Glaze

*local and/or organic

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