Menu for the Week of Tuesday March 14

Blueberry Feta and Spinach Salad  chicken or tofu  greens  pea shoots  blueberries  feta cheese  cucumbers  walnuts balsamic vinaigrette

Indonesian Rice Dinner chickpeas  brown rice  kale cabbage  carrots  peppers  onions  garlic  ginger spices

Dragon Bowl with Lentils and Almonds  lentils  greens  radish  tomatoes  pea shoots  almonds  mint  maple tamari dragon sauce

Creole Style Cauliflower Jambalaya  cauliflower  celery  carmelized onions  garlic  peppers  spices  local beans  chicken or tofu 

Hearty Winter Salad with Apple Butter Miso Sauce  bok choy  red cabbage  peas  sunflower seeds  quinoa  chicken or tofu  

Dessert:  Chocolate Sweet Potato Truffles

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