Menu for Tuesday August 12

Roasted Potato Feta and Summer Vegetable Salad
Roasted farmer's market potatoes with green beans, broccoli, tomato, cucumber and feta cheese with a light maple balsamic dressing. Chicken or vegetarian option.

Ethiopian Split Pea Soup
Gingery, lightly spiced green and yellow split peas with coriander roasted cauliflower with some fancy rice paper wrap pot-stickers to eat on the side.

Roasted Vegetable and Chickpea Casserole
Wild rice, chickpeas and roasted market vegetables with a creamy cashew bechamel. 

Vegan Caesar Salad with Market Greens
A summery Caesar dressing made from avocados along with fresh market greens, peppers, tomato and local, organic eggs.

Buttermilk Spelt Berry Salad
Spelt berries have a wonderful chewy texture to them and a sweet nut-like flavour. It's also more easily digested than regular wheat. Fennel and carrots along with a creamy buttermilk vinaigrette will make this a satisfying lunch or dinner salad.  Chicken or vegetarian option.

Dessert: Brown Rice Crisp Treats

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