The Un-diet

In the next few weeks, I want to explore the topic of "diet"; not to recommend one, that's an exercise in futility but to talk about some of the realities we face in trying to eat well in this city, climate, society and on this continent. Today, I'll start off with a site that presents a humorous look at some of the fad diets that have graced our bookshelves and competed with our sanity. I think it's a good place to start; a way to nostalgically wave good-bye to the concept of diet as we have come to know it. Here's an excerpt:
  • One other thing this website is good for is if you made a bet with a friend ....about who could lose the most weight in one week. Well, it's day 6 and you are losing the race. Visit the Amputation Diet page -the page for some really useful tips to win that bet.
Here's the link:

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