The Art of Fasting

According to Wikipedia fasting is primarily the act of willingly abstaining from some or all food, drink or both, for a period of time. Because spring is a time of renewal and regeneration, this would seem like the time to plan one, however I'm leaning towards a different type of fast that challenges how we interact with our world and our surroundings (I know you can argue that food does that too and I agree).

An obvious one is a media fast.
A media fast involves not watching television, reading any newspapers or magazines, checking or sending any e-mails, or even talking on the phone (read more). Or perhaps the recent technology fast which would include ipods and cell-phones. That would be up to you to define according to what is overwhelming your life. Personally, I think a one day fast is an ideal starting point; the goal being to enhance gratitude, appreciation, creativity, awareness and simply to take a break. Here are some more I thought of:
  • "yes" fast or a "no" fast (whichever one you tend to default to most often)
  • passivity fast (or the "whatever"/"no problem" fast)
  • worrying about the environment fast
  • urban fast
  • car fast
  • being a consumer fast
  • negativity fast (you know who you are)
  • happiness fast (it's ok to be grumpy now and then)
  • letting go of the "letting go of the ego" fast (sorry Oprah)
  • people fast
  • ritual fast (in other words a day of spontaneous actions)
  • dare I say it..the Tim Horton's fast
Some of these may turn out to be fodder for up coming posts, except on the day when I'm doing a blog fast.

Enjoy the weekend,

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