Are You Interested in Sustainable Living?

Living in the Sault is quite unlike the hustle and bustle of my hometown Toronto.  There seems to be an outlet in Toronto for all interests and new ideas to plant their seeds and flourish. Now, there is a new wave that is gaining momentum in the Sault which is based on the growing interest in sustainable and green-friendly living.  To answer to that need a new web-group has been established called Rocks and Trees.  As Gerry Kirk, the founder, puts it: For most local people trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, be it in small or big ways, is hard to do because a) sustainable options in local stores are limited. b) we aren't aware of local initiatives and/or small businesses that offer sustainable alternatives and c) we don't know other people who can support and encourage us on the journey. Through this group he hopes to start a website that will give a local context to the Sault's burgeoning green/healthy living movement. The group is looking for interested participants and curious people to encourage this new wave to grow.  If you are interested please e-mail

Just a reminder regarding Seedy Saturday this coming February 23rd. Here's a link for details:

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