Good Eats in the Sault

I paid a visit to the Earthward Cafe last week. Steve and Jeanette have been open for about 3 months now and are serving wonderful vegetarian lunches, wheat free and dairy free baking, organic coffee and teas at the Healing Arts Centre in the Sault (426 Bruce St/downstairs). It's a great place to hang out for a while, eat and listen to the jazz which floats around the room. I had my favorite dish, black bean and coconut soup with a biscuit on my visit. Some of this weeks dishes to try are carrot and coriander soup, split pea soup and curried lentil soup with garlic naan and basmati rice salad...that last one is on for this Friday.
Steve and Jeanette have philosophies similar to mine when it comes to food so pay them a visit when you are in the neighbourhood, I know it's been said before but your taste buds will thank you.
In the same visit I went to Nature's Salon and Spa for a cut and found out about a wonderful sounding spa day that's coming up on November 24. Candy organizes them at the Belleview Valley Lodge. Some of the treatments included are organic Aveda seaweed body wraps, hot stone massage, paraffin foot and hand treatments and a sauna. I will be providing lunch and some snacks. If it sounds like something you would be interested in, before the Christmas rush, then give Candy a call at 705-254-3450.
Enjoy the day, Birgit

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