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I was out and about on Friday gathering supplies for this week's menu and doing research for future endeavors. There is a real nice vibe happening in this town that I would describe as a sort of progressive food consciousness. New and established businesses are helping people bridge the gap between understanding the need to eat well and the ability to do it for themselves and their families. Earthward Cafe is one which I mentioned earlier and now the Country Way Health Food store is serving a lunch in the form of a vegan soup or stew for $3.99 which you can have to go or eat in at a table by the window. I love having tasty lunches available nearby. I also finally found a brochure for McFadden's Acres which is a farm that I've heard about from various people around town. They have a VIP program to order seasonal vegetables and fruits from next year's harvest (they farm organically and are working towards achieving organic certification). It works by prepaying for the season (if you pay in full by November 30, then you receive a $30.00 discount) which is $300.00 for a small order and $420.00 for a jumbo order...that's for 15 weeks of wonderful, fresh food. For more information e-mail Fannie at or call 705-782-2207.

The response has been super for meal catering, in fact we have almost reached capacity for new and returning orders and I want to thank our customers for their enthusiasm and support. I look forward to growing with the community by providing wholesome, nutrient-rich and tasty meals that are created to enhance the body and mind, in a way that treads lighter on this earth and with respect to the environment.

Take Care

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